Wise Game Booster

Wise Game Booster Beta 1.37.46

Optimize your PC to play games better and faster

Wise Game Booster is a free PC program that helps you optimize your PC to get the most out of your games. View full description


  • Clearly structured interface
  • Lots of configuration options
  • Easy to use and navigate


  • Optimization is not always noticeable
  • Doesn't give details of changes made

Very good

Wise Game Booster is a free PC program that helps you optimize your PC to get the most out of your games.

Upon installation of Wise Game Booster, you'll be able to scan your computer for the games you already own. Wise Game Booster won't always recognize every game, so if you notice one missing you can add it manually yourself. As soon as everything you want is added, you can optimize them from Wise Game Booster's main screen.

Wise Game Booster will attempt to detect any problems that can affect you when playing your PC games. It essentially focuses on stability and speed aspects of how fast the system and network run.

After identifying potential problems, Wise Game Booster gives you the possibility to disable some PC services and processes to optimize the operation of your PC when you play games. Similarly, you can restore all changes back to their original settings with a single click.

Wise Game Booster isn't really innovative in any real way when it comes to system optimization. It just focuses its efforts on and is designed specifically for games. This gives it an advantage over more general programs because you can focus on optimizing aspects of your PC that are more likely to affect gaming performance.

Wise Game Booster is a great tool for letting you get the most out of your gaming experience.

Wise Game Booster


Wise Game Booster Beta 1.37.46

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